The History of the club goes back some 14 years. The following is a chronological break down of all the relevant dates including information about events, competitions etc.

The club started originally as a „ once a year” team, consisting of members of the „British Businessmens’ Club Düsseldorf” to play an Invitation XI from Christchurch.The club also had very strong links with the British Army, who were then still based in Düsseldorf, indeed the vice-president of the BBCD was always the garrison Colonel. This link became more and more important as the years passed in respect of Cricket grounds.The very first game: BBCD vs. Christchurch took place in June 1985 at the Army ground at Moltkestraße Willich, and it was this game that really started it all, and even today this annual event is still regarded by many as the game: „not to be missed”. Indeed it has become a bit of a tradition with the B-B-Q & Beer, Cheese & Cucumber sandwiches, Pimms and all the family joining in on this „Family Day”.

A couple of years later, it was decided that there was enough potential to have a go at playing one or two games more a year, and through our military contacts, this was quickly set up and within two years we were playing anything upto 12 „friendlies” a year.

These included: R.A.F. Wegberg, JHQ-N.A.A.F.I., R.A.F. Brüggen, R.A.F. Laarbruch, Düsseldorf Garrison Civilian Mess-Düsseldorf, British Embassy-Bonn to name but a few. Later, contact was made with other non-military teams such as RCC-Hanau, Eindhoven C.C., R.C.C. Antwerp in Europe, and Hempnall C.C. and P&O Dover in England.

During all of these years, the British Businessmens’ Club supported the cricket team wherever and however it could, and in return the cricket team members introduced new people into the BBCD.

Over the years the club became more and more well known within the cricketing fraternity, and finally in 1996 the club was invited to help set up and join the „North-Rhine Westfalia Cricket-League” as part of the „Deutsche Cricket Bund”. In order to do this the club had to fulfill certain legal requirements which were very complex and after much deliberation and with a touch of sadness, it was decided to make a „clean break” with the BBCD and go it alone.

In 1997 the „Düsseldorf Cricketers e.V.” was founded whilst retaining our close ties with the BBCD. In fact some 5 or 6 of the cricket team are still members of the BBCD, something that we wish to maintain.

All in all, the club has gone from strength to strength.

The year 2000, not only marks the beginning of a new century, but also our 5th visit in succession to play P&O in Dover. Over and above all this, we hope to be able to secure the use of a pitch this year, on a long term basis – something that we could call our „Home Ground”

As from 2001 the Duesseldorf Cricket club has become full members of the DSC-99 (Duesseldorf Sports Club – 99) with excellent facillities. The DSC has provided us with an all weather pitch. A bar and restaurant, changing and showering possibillities ,and an indoor hall for training in the winter months is available.